A Personal Reflection by Christopher Brown

A personal reflection from Christopher Brown, an Art Therapist and Lecturer who visited Living Symphonies at all four sites during the summer 2014 tour of the work.

Photo Surveys

During the site survey at each installation site, we photograph each square of the 600m2 area of the forest. The photographs are stitched together by hand, creating a composite image that act as both a reference point and visual representation of the forest floor.

Site Ecology Maps

Following our site ecology survey at each of the Living Symphonies locations, we aggregate the survey data to produce a precise spatial map of the flora inhabiting our 600m2 area…

Coach to Thetford Forest

We’re delighted to be offering a crowd-funded coach trip to Living Symphonies in Thetford Forest on Sunday 25 May, direct from London.

Tour Film

A short film summarising Living Symphonies, featuring audio and video from a Thetford Forest prototype.

Show us YOUR Thetford Forest

Show us your favourite bits of Thetford Forest, where Living Symphonies will be bringing an exciting new way of experiencing the forest from 24-30 May.

Thetford Forest Canopy


Welcome to the news section of the Living Symphonies website. Keep updated here with events related to the 2014 tour of Living Symphonies across four UK forests.

Thetford: Grime’s Graves

A brief break from prototyping Living Symphonies last week saw us taking a short drive to Grimes Graves, the only Neolithic flint mine open in Britain.

Thetford: Prototype, Day #3

The box trailer and our overnight accomodation from distance  Leaving the site on the third night, ready for the Forestry Commission visit the next day.  

Thetford: Prototype Survey

The visual result of the prototype survey of the first site for the 2014 Living Symphonies tour, made from stitching together photographs of each of the 600 square metres that we surveyed in August.

Thetford: Site History

Although less than one hundred years old, Thetford is one of the largest man-made forests in Britain.

Thetford: Research Trip #3

An exhausting but fruitful day on Tuesday when we surveyed the whole Thetford 30m by 20m installation site, all 600 square metres of it.

Thetford: Research trip #2

Friday marked our second trip to Thetford Forest where we explored potential sites and met Neal Armour-Chelu, the forestry commission ecologist for Thetford.