Site Ecology Maps

Following our site ecology survey at each of the Living Symphonies locations, we aggregate the survey data to produce a precise spatial map of the flora inhabiting our 600m2 area of the forest. This charts exactly what trees and plants are found within each square metre, and is a vital step towards developing the composition. The same map feeds into the Conductor system that generates the appropriate musical motifs for the ecosystem, distributing them across the space so that each sounding element is heard next to the plant species in question.

We have now completed all of the site ecology surveys for the Living Symphonies 2014 tour. Presented below are the ecological maps of each of the four locations. Circles denote trees, with the patchwork squares denoting ground flora, shrubs and bushes; for clarity, only the single most salient or abundant species for each square-metre is shown.

A key to abbreviations and symbols is presented beneath.

Thetford Forest

I. Thetford Forest

Fineshade Woods

II. Fineshade Woods

Cannock Chase

III. Cannock Chase

Bedgebury Pinetum

IV. Bedgebury Pinetum

Key to Terrain

Bilberry Bracken
Bramble Decaying Wood
Earth Fungus
Grass Heather
Holly Mahonia
Moss Nettle
Reed Rhododendron

Key to Trees

P Pine A Ash
Hw Hawthorn E Elm
S Sycamore B Birch
O Oak Hz Hazel
Ch Chestnut GS Giant Sequoia
Cy Lawson Cypress DF Douglas Fir
WH Western Hemlock NS Norway Spruce
Ma Maple Sw Sweetgum
Ro Rowan

Cartographic element designs courtesy of Patrick Fry.