Preparing for Bedgebury

Preparing for Bedgebury Pinetum, the final site of the 2014 Living Symphonies tour.

Buy coach ticket to Living Symphonies Bedgebury

For the final edition of Living Symphonies, in the stunning surroundings of Bedgebury National Pinetum, Kent, we are operating a crowd-funded coach in conjunction with Nationwide Coaches. The coach will travel direct from London…

IV. Bedgebury Pinetum

Photo Surveys

During the site survey at each installation site, we photograph each square of the 600m2 area of the forest. The photographs are stitched together by hand, creating a composite image that act as both a reference point and visual representation of the forest floor.

Cannock Chase

Site Ecology Maps

Following our site ecology survey at each of the Living Symphonies locations, we aggregate the survey data to produce a precise spatial map of the flora inhabiting our 600m2 area…

Screen Shot 2014-07-11 at 18.29.18

Video: Nature on Living Symphonies

Noah Baker from Nature, the international weekly journal of science, came to visit us and explore how Living Symphonies works.

Coach to Thetford Forest

We’re delighted to be offering a crowd-funded coach trip to Living Symphonies in Thetford Forest on Sunday 25 May, direct from London.

Washers for speaker brackets

Multichannel wiring day

An extraordinarily long day in the studio today, constructing fixtures and cable channels for the 24-speaker system that we’re using to preview and spatially mix Living Symphonies.


Living Symphonies Press Coverage

  The New York Times – Science events: Unusual vision and D.I.Y. Neuroscience, 28th April 2014 BBC News – Thetford Forest wildlife ‘performs’ Living Symphonies’ Premier, 5th May 2014 Nature…

Countless labelled cables

Cable Census

In which we catalogue, cut, waterproof, test and group the 2.8km of cable that constitutes the audio infrastructure of Living Symphonies.

Lead with Green Circle

Tour poster by Patrick Fry

A limited edition Living Symphonies tour poster, designed by Patrick Fry and illustrated by Katie Scott.

BBC News - Living Symphonies

The BBC on Living Symphonies

Listening to an open-air concert from a live orchestra in one of England’s beautiful forests will always connect you with Mother Nature – but thanks to musical science our forests are now set to become the actual performers…


Recording Sessions – 3rd May

3rd May score recording session for Clarinet, Tenor Saxophone and Soprano Saxophone – straight and extended techniques.

Dawn Scarfe - Bivvy Broadcasts

Live nocturnal broadcasts from forests

Live nocturnal broadcasts from forests around England by Dawn Scarfe, broadcasting this Saturday night from an unknown location to mark ‘International Dawn Chorus Day’ (11pm-7am).

Screenshot 2014-05-02 17.25.50

Recording Sessions – 3rd April

3rd April score recording session for a small section of the percussion in Living Symphonies.
Included Rainstick, Bowed Cymbal, Chimes, Gongs, Bell and some whisks.

Mother Shipton moth (Callistege mi)

Illustrations by Katie Scott

We’ve received a beautiful series of illustrations portraying a range of flora and fauna that make up Living Symphonies, by British illustrator Katie Scott.

Contact mic on Disklavier (detail)

Seznec Contact Mics

Yann Seznec’s bespoke contact mic preamps, used during the creation of Living Symphonies to make intimate recordings of resonant surfaces.

Living Symphonies Tour Film - Jones/Bulley

Tour Film

A short film summarising Living Symphonies, featuring audio and video from a Thetford Forest prototype.

Thetford Forest

Show us YOUR Thetford Forest

Show us your favourite bits of Thetford Forest, where Living Symphonies will be bringing an exciting new way of experiencing the forest from 24-30 May.

Fineshade Woods

Show us YOUR Fineshade Woods

Show us your favourite bits of Fineshade Woods, where Living Symphonies will be bringing an exciting new way of experiencing the forest from 20-26 June.


Show us YOUR Cannock Chase

Show us your favourite bits of Cannock Chase, where Living Symphonies will be bringing an exciting new way of experiencing the forest from 26 July – 1 August.


Show us your Bedgebury Pinetum

Show us your favourite bits of Bedgebury Pinetum, where Living Symphonies will be bringing an exciting new way of experiencing the forest from 26-31 August.