Super Sense meets Living Symphonies in Bedgebury

Super Sense in Cannock Chase

Super Sense in Cannock Chase

What happens in the woods when you’re not looking?  What sound does the tree make when you’re not watching it?  Want to find out?  Led by Super Sense’s blind facilitator and coach Andy Shipley this 2 hour activity will combine the imersion of Andy’s “Super Sense” experience with the immersive spatial audio of Living Symphonies.

Super Sense is an interactive workshop that enables participants to leave nonsense and common sense behind and switch to a deeper, more powerful level of awareness.

By giving your eyes a rest and allowing your non-visual senses a chance to do their stuff, you will have a deeper appreciation of the richness of the woodland and their unique unfolding soundscapes.

Who should come?

Anyone wishing to get up close and personal with nature in a different way.

Price £10 per person.
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Super Sense is a partnership project that Andy Shipley, a visually impaired facilitator and Coach has developed and trialled with TYF a Pembrokeshire based outdoor adventure company. Through Super Sense we aim to help people re-engage with their non-visual senses and develop more open, trusting relationships with those with whom they live and work.