Jones/Bulley · @jonesbulley

Daniel Jones (b. 1983) and James Bulley (b. 1984) are an artist duo whose collaborative practice explores the boundaries of sound art, music, and process-based composition. Their work draws on systems and patterns from the world around us as ways of organising sound, creating a reciprocal relationship between the two: using sound as a way to illuminate our understanding of the world, and using natural processes as a way to deepen our approaches to composition.

Site Manager

Nick Duxbury

Technical Production


Producer (Compton Verney)

Grace Brindle

Site Operations (Compton Verney)

Marc Ciambriello

Sound Engineer

Tom Richards

Technical Assistants

Josef Kašpar
Giacomo Loparco
Greg White

Ecological Survey

Alwyn Knapton, David Champion, Warwickshire Flora Group, Warwickshire Wildlife Trust, The Forensic Mammal Unit at Warwick University, The University of Birmingham, Birmingham University Liberal Arts and Natural Sciences students, Environment and Sciences Assistant Producer Interns, Compton Verney Environmental Engagement Volunteers

Graphic Design

Patrick Fry


Katie Scott


David Aird (Tuba)
Sarah Anderson (Violin)
Callum Armstrong (Aulos)
James Bulley (Violin, Percussion, Piano)
Havva Bulley (Voice)
Teleri Dyer (Harp)
Alex Eichenberger (Cello)
Katie English (Bass Flute, Concert Flute)
Milo Fitzpatrick (Double Bass, Voice)
Aki Fujimoto (Taiko)
Sam Glazer (Cello)
Peter Gregson (Cello)
Chlöe Herington (Bassoon)
Simon Hewitt Jones (Violin)
Hywel Jones (Trombone, Euphonium)
Theo Kouzmartis (Lyre)
Jennymay Logan (Violin)
Daniel Pioro (Violin)
Nila Raja (Viola, Voice)
Charly Richardson (Soprano Saxophone, Tenor Saxophone, Clarinet, Voice)
Nikos Varelas (Bendir, Riz, Ocean Drum, Davul)
Keir Vine (Tam Tam, Cymbals, Hang, Piano, Prepared Piano, Harmonium, Rhodes)
Ellie Wilson (Violin)

With thanks

We would like to extend our thanks to Des and Rosemary at Home Farm for allowing us to use the Boathouse Coppice for Living Symphonies Compton Verney.


With generous support from Arts Council England, PRS Foundation, Bowers & Wilkins and Ableton.